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Cragside Primary School

School Council 2017 - 2018

 At Cragside we are lucky to have a very dedicated, responsible and enthusiastic school council.  School councillors help to make decisions about important matters in school.  They listen to the ideas and thoughts of their classmates and report back to the council.

Cragside School Council is made up of 2 representatives from each class from Y1 - Y6.  New school councillors are selected at the end of the summer term, when classes hold elections.  Being part of the school council is a very important job.

More about our School Council

  • School council meetings take place during assembly time every other Thursday.
  • We always have an agenda - this is a list of things to talk about.  It helps to keep us on track.
  • We also always use part of our meeting for anyone who wants to pass on anything important from their class.
  • There is also a school council suggestion box in the dinner hall.  Anyone can put their ideas in.  We always look at any suggestions as part of meetings.  It really helps if you write your ideas neatly and make them as clear as possible so that we can read them.
  • We have a Chair, and a Vice-Chair.  They are the people who lead the meeting.
  • We also have a secretary, who carefully records what is said at each meeting.
  • Miss Howells helps the school council run their meetings.
  • Miss Howells sends the minutes of each meeting to each class so that they can read them together.  The minutes are a record of what everyone has said.  It also includes actions - things that different people are going to do.


Current News Spring 2018

This term we have been considering how to spend the money raised by the council from the Christmas fair.  The school council are also helping the Governors in appointing a new Head Teacher - a very important responsibility!  This is keeping us very busy.  As well as this, we are going to be doing some work thinking about how writing is taught at Cragside, and giving our ideas and suggestions.